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March Makeover

Photo byBenjamin Klaver onUnsplash


The Best Way To Make Your Car Feel Good!

Nothing feels better than a good makeover. You know that feeling when you get a brand new pair of shoes, paired with a nice outfit and a fresh haircut? You just feel better, and you go about your day with your head held high. The same goes for your vehicle; everyone deserves a makeover at some point!


What's a Vehicle "Makeover"?

The "Gen-Z'ers" call it a "Glow-Up," but we use the antiquated (haha) term of "Makeover." No matter what name you give it, they are the same thing. You take a little time out of your day to make improvements and upgrades to your vehicle (or yourself, haha), knowing it will improve performance.


There are so many options! You can change out the spark plugs and give it a little zing. You can upgrade the windshield wipers, like a new set of glasses. Or, maybe you want to give it a new paint job; nothing feels better than a new outfit. Today though, we'll stick with some basics for this month's "March Makeover."


Is March A Good Time To Get New Tires?

No better time than now! Check the general condition of your vehicle and see how the tires are doing. Is the tire tread wearing away? Are there nails or screws embedded in the surface? Does it have trouble gripping the road? All of these are signs that it's time to upgrade the ol' boots!


Should I Change My Filters & Fluids At The Same Time?

Simple answer, yes! That is the best time to change any filter paired with a specific fluid. For example, if you are exchanging your engine oil, you'll want to change the engine oil filter; at the same time. Consider exchanging your fluids regularly and set your vehicle up with regular service appointments at your trusted auto repair center of choice.


Have fun with it and find something that will have you both feeling great. Maybe get yourself some new digs while your vehicle get's new boots! After your makeovers, hit the road, and enjoy the weather we have ahead of us, things are finally warming up.

Come to The Auto Experts in Sacramento, CA, when you're ready to give your vehicle a makeover. We can establish regular service intervals & find the right tires for you. Be sure to schedule an appointment with our incredible ASE-Certified team; via our website. We can't wait to meet you and introduce you to The Auto Experts family, and please follow us on Facebook!


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