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Monthly Archives: September 2019

Top Driving Safety Tips For Teenagers

 Top Driving Safety Tips For Teenagers

It is sobering to think about, but vehicle crashes are the leading cause of teen deaths. However, on the bright side, there are several tips and tricks to follow to ensure your teen reaches their destination safely. The team at the Auto Experts has put together a list of top driving safety tips of teenagers:  If your car is equipped with safety features, make sure to use them. Nowadays, the technology in cars is designed to prevent against drivers. For example, some systems can alert you when you drive into the other lane, get to close to another vehicle, or your hands are away from the steering wheel.  Wear a seatbelt! Studies show that more than half of teen accidents include drivers not wearing seatbelts. It may be a no brainer, but you would be surprised to learn how many of us skip this step.  Out of sight, out of mind! Put that phone away to eliminate all distractions.  The chance of a teen accident occurring increases if there are other passengers in the ... read more


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