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Monthly Archives: January 2020

New Year’s Resolution -- Fuel Efficiency

New Year’s Resolution -- Fuel Efficiency

Owning a car is simply a necessity -- imagine your life without your trusty sidekick. You would your stress levels rising. To keep our vehicles going, and essentially our days, gasoline is a must. Yet, our gasoline consumption can affect our planet and our wallets, which is why we need to maximize our fuel efficiency.  The team at The Auto Experts proposes putting “fuel efficiency” at the top of your New Year Resolution list. Here are some easy and simple ways to accomplish this goal:  Take it easy on the pedal.  Stick to your vehicle’s recommended fuel level.  Monitor how much stuff you are putting in your vehicle, as the heavier your vehicle is, the more gas it consumes.  Make sure your tires are at the correct pressure.  Tighten your gas cap all the way.  Idling is a big no. You burn more gas idling than actually driving.  Don’t forget to have your air filter replaced.  Plan all your errands into one trip ... read more


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