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Best Race Car Events Near and Around Sacramento

Do you have the need...the need for speed? The good news is there are several racetracks near and around Sacramento if you're craving some action. Whether you're into dirt or asphalt, there's something for every car racing enthusiast at any speed. Below are some of the tracks within about three hours of the Sacramento region:…
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Best Things to Have in a Car Emergency Kit

  In case of roadside emergencies, it's wise to be prepared. The items below could come in very helpful if your vehicle experiences some problems on the roads. Keep this emergency kit in the car and you can have some peace of mind that you and your passengers can stay safe and comfortable before help…
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Valentine’s Gifts for Car Lovers

Looking for a Valentine's Day gift for the automobile enthusiast in your life? Generally, car lovers are big fans of receiving gifts related to this passion. Luckily, there are some unique and practical gifts out there that are sure to impress your sweetheart. Here are some suggestions:   Dash Mounted Smartphone Holder: Having a phone holder…
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Car Financing and How to Get It

One of the most confusing parts while buying automobiles is understanding how to finance it. Since most drivers aren’t in the position to pay for the entire car in one go, most of the car purchases, new or pre-owned, will need some financing. It can be daunting trying to figure out how to finance a…
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Getting Your Car Ready for Winter

  [iframe src="//cdn2.trb.tv/iframe.html?ec=ZrODZiZDE6yu9UsapHCxVHUDCjK2tai_&pbid=e94d1153704449a897d545a2af16e53c&pcode=tmYjUyOpmqOg5TkhqEqTlmc_gXKM" width="640" height="480" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" align="middle"] Winter is coming! Joe Gibson, the owner of The Auto Experts in Sacramento, was interviewed by Fox40 News about getting your car ready for Winter. Don't delay when preparing your vehicle for the cold weather. Our team of auto mechanics is happy to serve the Sacramento region with…
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Best Healthy Food To Bring On Road Trips

  With holiday travels approaching, it’s wise to be mindful of keeping yourself energized and alert during road trips. Having the right snacks nearby can keep you and your family full and safe on the roads. Here are some healthy delicious snacks that the team at The Auto Experts recommend to take care of your…
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