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Plusses and Minuses of Cruise Control

Modern cars come with so many bells and whistles now--assisted parking, backup cameras, and lane-departure warnings, to name a few. Most people probably consider cruise control practically a mandatory feature since it’s been around and in use for over 100 years. Although speed-control mechanisms in automobiles go back as far as the beginning of the…
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Choosing the Best Car Seat for Your Baby or Toddler

It goes without saying that our children are precious to us. We want to do everything we can to keep them safe. One of the most important things we can do for our babies and toddlers is put them in the absolute best, safest, highest-rated car seat--one that fits them and that is installed correctly.…
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Who Invented the Convertible?

The earliest automobiles were modeled after horse-drawn buggies. They had open tops (and no windshields or doors). The first automobile design featuring a closed top was introduced in 1910. Vinyl or cloth roofs were typical in the 1920s, with steel mostly replacing the fabric roofs in the 1930s as automotive manufacturers worked to make cars…
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Best Movies and Documentaries about Cars

Are you planning to take some fun road trips this summer? Or do you prefer staying closer to home and hanging out with your friends and family? Either way, after a long day of driving, swimming, hiking, or dozing in a hammock, you might be in the mood to stream some great movies or documentaries…about…
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How To Prevent Your Car From Overheating

Even if you enjoy the summer heat, you'll need to keep your car cool. When your vehicle's engine runs too hot, it can damage the automobile and jeopardize your safety. In addition, if your cooling systems aren’t functioning correctly, it can cause major damage to your engine and hefty repair costs down the line. Below…
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Best Music for Road Trips

What's better than the perfect car, the perfect weather, and the perfect MUSIC when you go on those long well-deserved road trips solo or with your favorite people? Choosing the right tunes to serve as the backdrop to the music video of your life is essential to get the vibe right when we’re smooth sailing…
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